In order to expend the geographic reach on the latest period Zarubezhneft has activated works on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Block 1 includes one North-Khosedayuskoye oil field named after A. Slivki, 120 km away from Varandeysky terminal at seaside and 146 km away from Kharyaga field which is connected to trunk pipeline.
North-khosedayuskoye oil field was discovered in 1984, it belongs to middle category, recoverable oil resources of C1 category are estimated to 22.1 million tons.

In 2008, the branch of Oil Recovery JSC was reformed into Ulyanovskneftegaz having 4 licenses for oil production in the Slavka field, Ruzhevskoe and Sulakskoe fields located on the South of the region, as well as in Kondakovskoe field in the North of the Ulyanovsk region in Melekess area.
For ten years the enterprise produced 122 thousand tons of oil. The complex of geological and geophysical researches was done, both within the deposits and prospecting areas.
The company closely cooperates with scientific and production companies: VNIIneft (Moscow), Giprovostokneft (Samara), Kostromageofizika (Kostroma), Ulyanovskneft (Ulyanovsk), Geophysics (Ulyanovsk) etc.